A birthday story…

He is a young man, just turned 18, following in his father’s footsteps. His heart has a heavy spot that should never have been there, but the lies of another kept him captive not able to see. Or maybe it was his own pride that blinded him, one can not really say for sure.

He is handsome and smart, but his head hangs when he walks with his bangs flopping over his eyes. His shoulders feel heavy, slightly sagging at times with the memories of confusion, never understanding.

And he walks down a pathway, through the trees to the water and he sits in the sun on a chilly afternoon. He looks over the water, thinking of a woman, one that he used to know. She has been gone for some time now, he doesn’t know where, he is not sure why. He doesn’t understand. And the tears streak his face as he wipes them with his sleeve and then leans his forehead on his arm. Sobs shake his shoulders and he tries to forget and then suddenly he looks up to see, the Great Heron is sitting and watching him there and it is time for him to take flight. Those beautiful wings lift the majestic bird up over the young man’s head. He watches in awe as the Heron moves on and he wipes his face with his sleeve once more.

The Heron he flies, over the lake, past trees and hills to land in a pond amongst catonines and lily pads. The woman looks up, tears streak her face and she sees the Heron there. Her shoulders are heavy, she pushes her bangs from her eyes and is in awe of the Heron as she thinks of a young man on his birthday.