For my friends that care…

It’s hard, it is┬áreally very hard, sometimes as I sit here, staring at the screen.

It’s hard, it is sometimes very hard, when you tell me to let it go.

Grief has no time limit, no frame of containment where anyone gets away free.

Grieve now, or grieve later, these are the only choices there are.

True, I could move forward, just shove it aside, just like you say that I should do.

But I’ve been here before, not just once, or twice.

I’ve shoved it aside, buried it deep, moved forward without taking the time.

It was a mistake then, it would be a mistake now, I won’t do that again.

I will go over in my mind the moments that mattered to me as long as they weigh on my heart.

The only word I have ever received that was guaranteed if only I gave myself to it, was “time”.

Time is not always guaranteed, but I’ll take my chances.

Time will heal.