Sleeping kittens…

Three office chairs in the room.  Each one with a kitten on it!  I sit on the couch, watching them sleep.

Smokey, with his paws hanging off of the chair.  His paws the color of charcoal on the bottom, making him look as though he walked out of a charcoal drawing.  The rest off him, a dark grey and black with a tinge of brown that makes him look as though he were drawn with that charcoal, right down to his feet before he ran off the canvas.

Daisy, curled up on her chair like a ball, white feet sticking out, her white chest visible as she curls her chin up.  The rest of her grey with black tiger stripes.

Scout sprawled out on his chair, clearly the biggest of the three.  Looks like Daisy, but then he has a white stripe down his nose that resembles an hour glass.  It looks a little like war paint, giving him the look of an owl as he stares at you with his ears back, and he does.  He is also the last of the three kittens to come around and he hasn’t yet, not completely anyway.  He in no way wants to be picked up and to get him to let you pat him is tricky.  It is about the way you approach him and John is much better at it than I am.  He is still nervous, but I also think he has an attitude.  Just my opinion as John disagrees.  As always he says I need to have more patience.

The kittens are a lot of fun when they are awake!  I’ve learned they will play with almost anything, including curtains.  Daisy is a good one for climbing the curtains, which isn’t doing the curtains any good.  I crocheted them a toy when they first came here and they love it.  It became very worn from them playing with it, so I made another one, but they still want to play with the older one.  They also love playing with John’s boots when he comes home from work.  He thinks they like the smell of dirt on his boots.

Now, I don’t want to use the word spoiled here, but…  You could say that the kittens are leaning towards being spoiled, just a bit.  The reason I say this and I am ashamed to admit, but Daisy seems to think my food is her food.  I find myself totally defenseless against her when she decides she wants the milk in my cereal bowl, long before I am done eating.  Smokey watches me make my tea and then plots his strategy on drinking it when I am not looking.  Thankfully, Scout does not do these things, as he is to busy trying to give me a complex by staying away from me.  I try to give him treats and he hisses at me, runs, turns around and comes back for the treats.  Strange cat.

All together they are pretty amazing little creatures.  Their personalities vary so much, and watching them react to things they have never seen before is interesting.  I hope to always have something to show them that they haven’t seen before, since they will be inside cats.  I can’t wait to get a Christmas tree for them.  Not going to put a lot of decorations on there that will get broken.  I really just want the tree for the cats so they can climb it!

Well, the kittens are still sleeping.  They will probably stay that way until just before John comes home from work.  They like to greet him when he gets home.