A Box of Books…

The truth is I seem to not read in the summer time for the past few years, unless of course I am reading outside and I just haven’t been.  If you have been around my blog, you know I read a lot last winter.  That dropped off sometime in the spring.  It bothers me that I am not reading, but apparently not enough to do anything about it.

Anyway, I have had this box of books for a while now.  It is one that I intended to drop off at one of those book donation boxes they have around.  Then arose a problem.  There was a particular book of mine that I could not find and I wondered if it might be in the box.  In that case, the box couldn’t go anywhere until I had searched through it to check.

The book in question is “Who Said I was up for Adoption” by Colin Chappell, a fellow blogger here at word press.  I have read the book of course, but in no way did I want to lose it.  I was planning to read it again.  I loved the book by the way, it is about a dog, well, a dog and a man.  You should read it!  You can get it through amazon.

Sadly, I did go through that box of books and the book wasn’t in there, but that isn’t what this post is about.  I do want to add, I won’t feel to bad buying another copy if I don’t find it, the proceeds from “Who Said I was up for Adoption”, I am pretty sure go towards the animal shelter that Ray came from.  Ray is the dog in the book and maybe I should also mention you can read all about him at Colin’s blog, might as well put a link now right?

https://meandray.com/                There you go…


Anyway, it was about the box of books and what happened when I decided to go through it.  Yes, I was supposed to be looking specifically for one book, but I had to take a look at the books in the box that were going.  Needless to say, quite a few books came out of the box, but I can justify this, because some of the books on my book case went into the box.  (It’s all about space and what I will actually read again.)  So yes, I have this sudden desire to read books.

First book I am reading is one by Elle Knowles, also a blogger at word press and not her first book either.  I loved her book “Crossing the Line”.  I am hoping for the sequel.  As I was saying I grabbed my copy of “Coffee Drunk or Blind” by Elle Knowles and I have just a few pages left.  I have really enjoyed reading this story of adventure, about a family homesteading in Alaska.  You can get this one through Amazon as well.

So where was I reading this book?  In my kayak of course.  I caught one fish for the day and then read while drifting with the wind.  John was on the other side of the lake when I caught my fish, so it is good that I have finally learned how to unhook the thing.  It was a small bass.

John catches a lot more fish than I do and I was able to get a couple pictures of that.  The first one is the smallest fish ever caught I think!  And the other is a bit bigger.

100_0984 (2)


I don’t get to see all of the fish that John catches.  Generally we aren’t fishing in the same spot.  Also, I spend a lot of time just paddling around looking at things instead of fishing.  I like fishing, but I love my kayak, if that makes sense to you.  I also love just being on the water.  I love the Water Lillys.  I took some pictures of them as well.


There is this one that never opened.  Sad it didn’t open, but still cool to look at.


I like the yellow ones, I think they are so cool.  You can see the bees inside of them if you look.


Then there are the white ones. Very pretty, especially when the entire pond is covered by them.  Makes for hard paddling, but nice all the same.


All that white is Lillies and yes, this is what I am paddling through.  Then we have my favorite of all.  The Heron.  I came upon him yesterday in the middle of the lake, sitting among the Lilly Pads.   At first he flew away when I approached, but not very far and so I followed him, through the Lilly Pads I got a bit closer now and then.  The most beautiful bird, the Heron and I got close enough to take a picture anyway.  And to have him yell at me as well.  I love to just sit and stare at him and wait for him to fly.  So majestic.

100_0973 (2)

Yes, that is him, standing up to me.  After the picture he flew away again and this time I let him be.

Well, that is about all I’ve got for now.