My Hero…

You thought you could save me, make it all better and watch me fly. You believed my pain would be erased and that I would shine like new.

You didn’t know my full history then. I would apologise for not telling you but I didn’t know myself. I didn’t know that there was so much more to see. I didn’t know that my wings would tire so easily, that I would spend so much time flying in circles looking for things that didn’t exist only to find horrors instead. Absurd twisted horrors that were the makeup of my life. I didn’t know that so much time could pass and I would once again be circling around and around, visually searching the burnt out remains of the self I left behind for any small piece I might find, some small piece that might give me some clue as to who I am now.

You ask me why I still hurt after all this time and I think maybe you are tiring of my journey. I can’t say I blame you, I am tired of my journey as well but I didn’t create this road, I didn’t choose this road and the fact that it is the only one that leads to where I need to go was not my doing either.

3 thoughts on “My Hero…

      • Take your time TC. There is no writing/schedule that you have to keep! From my perspective, it is better to write something of interest once a month (e.g.), than it is to write inconsequential stuff every day or two.
        It would also appear (to me) that every Post you publish, presents a tiny bit more of the TC jigsaw puzzle. This is not only valuable in that it helps me to understand you a little more (and it is nice getting know other people albeit via the Internet), but it must help you “deep down” knowing that people are generally accepting of each other. We have all experienced negativity, rejection, hardship and torment etc to some agree, and none of us are perfect … so I would suggest that you are in good company in the Blogosphere! Take care. Stay safe. 🙂

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