The Holidays are coming and they are at Walmart too.

Tomorrow is Halloween.  It isn’t that big of a deal for me anymore.  I don’t have little kids wanting to dress up and go trick or treating.  Back when my kids were small, Halloween was a big thing for us.  I dressed up myself and trick or treated with my kids until I was I think 36 years old.  What?  It was fun.  My youngest was about 8 years old then and the years after that, the fathers would take the kids out while us sister-in-laws stayed home and gave out candy.  After that I didn’t dress up anymore and of course now my kids are grown and gone.

Next up is Thanksgiving next month.  This is a big one, one that I love so very much.  Last year John and I stayed home and had a wonderful meal together.  That is the plan again for this year.  Where it gets a little mixed up this year is my work schedule.  I get out of work just before midnight the night before Thanksgiving.  I have to be back at work at midnight Thanksgiving night for Black Friday.  So I guess it is good that John and I were planning to stay home anyway.

It makes me wonder, because everyone has this schedule.  What about people that have families?  People that do the holidays the way I used to do them.  Back when my kids were young and I was married to their father, when I was a stay at home mom, I made the holidays big.  We always had guests on Thanksgiving.  It was beautiful, but if I was working the job I am now, how would I do it.  I guess I would have found a way, but it would have been more stressful.

As it is, that is my schedule for Thanksgiving.  We have decided to eat our meal at noontime.  That is the plan anyway.  In thinking of Thanksgiving I go over so many memories in my mind.  All the way back to the years I spent Thanksgiving with my Uncle Len.  I think if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t love the holiday so much.  It was his favorite.  That was before I had the holiday in my own home.  I treasure those memories.

I am a bit nervous about working on Black Friday.  The people I work with reassure me it isn’t as horrible as I imagine.  On a regular basis I don’t work with customers at all.  Now I will be thrown into this busy night of deal hunters.  I guess we will see.

In the store, back by the garden center they have the Christmas decorations and whatnot.  It draws me in when I work near there, so that after work yesterday I found my self perusing the wrapping paper.  I bought a roll of foil wrap, some shirt boxes and a roll of tape.  I can’t wait to get a Christmas tree so that I can buy decorations for that.  What I need though is cat safe decorations.  Last year they didn’t show an over abundance of interest in the tree, even though we decorated it with cats toys.  Now that I want real decorations, I wonder if they will become interested.