My job and the effect it has had on my writing.

I have so much to say I don’t even know where to start.  I haven’t written a post in over two months, which I think is terrible.

I started working part time in February.  At first I didn’t completely stop blogging.  Mostly I continued to read your posts.  As time went by though, I even slacked on that and I do miss reading.  In the past few weeks I have moved on up to full time hours.  It wasn’t something I was sure I could handle, giving up that third day off, but it is working out well for me and I like the difference in my pay check.

For the past few months I have been writing in a journal sort of way.  Mostly to just to get thoughts out of my mind.  I had read something I had written last Thanksgiving and it was so nice that I thought maybe going back to journals wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  Also, I had no idea what  I wanted to write on my blog.  I had and do have so much going on in my mind about work, but I thought that was not a great thing to write about.  Maybe I was wrong.

One of the big things I think it would be great for me to write about is that transition from being a stay at home mom for twenty years, on disability for a few years and struggling back then to get myself healthy and strong so that I could work.

You see, when I started to look for a job I was nervous of course.  This was going to be like a totally new experience and a huge part of my life.  It isn’t that I have never had a paying job before, I have.  A few actually.  That was so long ago though, so that when I was filling out applications I really had no idea how big a part of your life a full time job really is.  Wow.

I guess I am sheltered in a way that I don’t know these things.  Twenty years really is a very long time, not to mention in the meantime I had a whole other life.  So there I was filling out applications and the interesting thing is that I filled out an application for Walmart.  It was a practice application, thinking they wouldn’t call and I didn’t really want to work for them anyway.  I had heard things…

Well, that practice application landed me a job at Walmart.  So that is where I stock shelves at night.  I have heard that Walmart treats their employees terribly and I admit they are tough, but I like my job and my boss is great.

We all know I spend a lot of time alone, so being around a bunch of people for forty hours a week, it can have it’s good points, but sometimes is a little overwhelming.  Some people assume that because I spend a lot of time alone that I want to work with other people all the time, but I am usually happier to be working alone.

That brings me to another aspect of working that I did not ever think about until it happened.  What do you do when you work with someone a lot and they are miserable about everything, oh so negative, so much so that it is exhausting to be around them?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  Here is a big difference in a working environment.   In a social situation I could always just stay away from the person.  That is how I have learned to deal with these things, but in a work situation I can’t just walk away from someone I am working with.  So I am having a bit of a hard time with this woman.  She is one of those people that will complain all night about everyone and everything, but if anyone says one thing about her, she freaks out.  She can dish it out, but can’t handle it and I am being honest here in saying that I can’t handle her anymore.  It’s simply to much negativity for me.

Interestingly enough, my boss came to me the other night and we had a conversation about scheduling and stuff and I asked her since they were hiring three new people, if she was going to take me out of sporting goods.  (my favorite department to stock)  She said she wouldn’t and went on to say that she knew I needed time away from “over there” as she put it.  She said she is pretty perceptive, she knows what is going on and then she went on to say that she doesn’t understand how anyone could be so miserable, and if you hate your job so much, why wouldn’t you go somewhere else?    I told her I like to work alone and she said that she notices when I am working alone (away from that person)  I smile more when by boss comes by to check up.

I feel bad.  I don’t like to see a person so miserable about life, so negative about everything, but I can’t change her and it affects me.  I just don’t like it, I don’t need it, I don’t even have time for it.  The worst part is that I do like her company sometimes, but she really just is to heavy for me.

Most of the people I work with seem to understand the concept that being pleasant and lighthearted is going to make work life go by a little better.  I am grateful for that.

I think I am trying to squeeze to much into one post.  This is to long already.