John’s plantings…

Outside of our door was a patch of dirt, not big enough to call a yard.  No, just a patch of dirt, but John decided we needed something nice to look at when we sit outside, smoking our cigarettes.

He started last spring, creating a path for people to walk by on.


You can see of course that he also mulched and planted some flowers.  First there was a Bleeding Heart that was here before us.  Very beautiful when in bloom, but it has past that stage already.  There is one flower left if you look close.

20170619_075519 (2)

John planted this Hydrangea which is obviously starting to bloom.  Couldn’t tell you what color those flowers are going to be.

20170619_075509 (2)

This next one I really like.  Just the way it is now.  It is called a Cedum.  I am not sure if I am spelling that correctly either.  Ha!

20170619_075505 (2)

John also planted some Daisies in honor of my cat Daisy, some Marigolds and Petunias.  I don’t know what is in the bucket.

20170619_075505 (4)

Behind the flowers is another house and a big muddy spot where the rain falls from a broken gutter in that house.  Sounds like a water fall when it rains out.

I really appreciate that John did this.  They all a really nice to look at when I am outside.

Since I mentioned sitting outside, we have new neighbors who’s door is pretty close to ours.  So now we have pleasantries I guess you could call it.  They are a young couple, no children.  She is finishing up with college classes, I don’t know what he does.  She is very friendly in a weird sort of way.  Very bubbly and I have to admit, she gets on my nerves.  She explained to me that she likes to say things that make no sense before leaving a person, because that way she is leaving them wondering.  Well, that may or may not have worked if she hadn’t told me what she was doing.  Actually, it probably would have just left me wondering what was wrong with her, but now that she has told me, it is really just an annoyance.

I can’t say she isn’t interesting to talk to.  Her boyfriend is a Vegan, so she tells me about their food selections, which is interesting.  Not interesting enough that I would want to eat any of that, but interesting.

So I am having a quiet day.  John is at work and I am working tonight.