No fish for me…

I got out of work at 6:30 this morning.  I came home, sat for a bit, cried, wrote this morning’s post, and then went fishing.

I didn’t catch a fish.  Yes, this time I actually fished, but still, no fish.  I got plenty of bites and a couple of times I swear I had him and he slithered off the hook!  John caught eight fish, all bass, biggest was two pounds.

In between fishing, I found myself sitting in my kayak next to a log and on the log was a line of little turtles.  I had told a girl I work with about the turtles and so she said I should catch one for her.  Umm, no.  Not catching a turtle!  No desire to catch a turtle!  They were interesting to look at though.  Mostly green with orange on their heads and bright yellow bellies, staring at me from their log, until first three went in the water and the remaining three sat for a few more minutes before plunging in themselves.  At that point I turned and saw that there were a couple more turtles behind me, at which point I looked around me.  I had drifted into some trees and the realization that I could possibly be surrounded by turtles didn’t make me very comfortable so I got out of there quickly.

When we first got to the lake, John pointed out a good spot for me to fish, saying “Over there by the dam.”  He did not mention that I should be careful not to get sucked into the dam.  Needless to say, I was busy fishing while the water was sucking me towards the dam, backwards, so I didn’t see it coming.  Luckily I turned just in time to see what was going on and escaped!  Only me…

I should mention that the reason we decided to go fishing this morning was because when John drove by it this morning the lake was like glass.  Of course the minute we got on the water the wind started to blow and so I ended up having to paddle a lot more than I had planned.  Last time my muscles were sore and that didn’t help me out to much at work.  Since the wind was blowing me away from every fishing spot I tried, I found myself doing more paddling.  Ahh well, the more I do the easy it will be.  It just figures the wind starts to blow the moment we arrive.

Now I am home and I am trying to write this post without being harassed, but the cats are hovering around me wanting treats.  So I guess I will go give them some.