Job search…

I have been thinking a lot lately of the past year.  How things got so screwy at times, but how most of the goals John and I had came to be.  The only one that didn’t was our plans for our wedding.  We cancelled the hall and all of everything else after deciding we didn’t want that kind of wedding.  Something more quiet we think.

Anyway, I kept thinking that my getting a job was going to be harder than I thought.  So I decided that it was my goal for this year.  I figured by the end of the year if I didn’t have a job that would be sad.

As luck would have it though, I have found a job.  I am so very excited about it, but nervously terrified at the same time.  After all, not having a paying job for twenty years, it is going to be different.  Anyway, that is my news.


8 thoughts on “Job search…

  1. That’s great news TC. I am so happy for you. No doubt you will have some adjusting to do, but so does everybody even when they are simply changing jobs. A regular pay-cheque must be worth it though and, if the job isn’t what you were expecting, then you simply start looking for another one… but at least you will have some money coming in while you are looking! Again… great news…. congratulations! 🙂

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