Pizza, applesauce and peanut butter…

I love apples.  I love apples juice, apples cider, apple sauce and apple pie.  So I have been eating a lot of apple sauce lately.  It started out with those little cups of apple sauce, single serving size.  That went on for a couple of months, because I know apples, and everything apples makes my stomach sick.  Nothing bad happened, and so then it turned to a jar of apple sauce.  It was a small jar at first, but sooner or later it was a large jar, and then another, and another.

One night, John and I decided to get a large cheese pizza.  I usually eat one or two slices, but I was hungry, so I ate three.  That made me sick.  I decided that it was because I ate to much pizza.  Couldn’t be the pizza, or the apples sauce I didn’t even question.

Well, last Monday I told John I wanted pizza again.  He said “NO”.  Well, it was Tuesday night and I still wanted pizza, so John went out to get himself a sub and a small pizza for me.  At first I ate three slices, which I believe is less than three slices of a large pizza.  We were watching movies and so over the next few hours, while watching I picked at the pizza until it was gone and then had a bowl of ice cream and then a little later, guess what I ate?  I big bowl of apple sauce!

I did not feel so great after that.  Actually it was kind of terrible, but soon went away and I being the smart one decided that this was all because I ate to much.  Well, the next night I had eaten nothing all day.  It was about an 7:00pm and I thought I should eat something even though I felt nauseated.  I decided on a peanut butter and jam sandwich.  I thought there was nothing safer to eat.

Let me just point out before I go on any further.  I have acid reflux  so I shouldn’t be eating apples.  Probably not pizza either, I don’t know.  I am supposed to take prilosec, but I don’t.  The make me vomit.  So yes, I am an idiot for eating apples sauce.

On with my story.  I ate that safe sandwich and it turns out it wasn’t safe at all.  As a matter of fact, the minute it hit my stomach I was in horrible pain.  It started out with the usual pain in top of my stomach from acid reflux, only worse.  I did not keep the sandwich down and then the pain was just through out my stomach.

John thinks I have ulcers or something.  I think I am just stupid for eating apple sauce.  Anyway, after a week in bed, yes I am still there with my laptop, I can finally lay down with out pain for the most part anyway.

The point of this post is that I solemnly vow, swear to and promise to never ever again eat apples and all that this implies.  No more apples, juice, cider, sauce, pie, tart, turnover, pastry, or donuts.  Any kind of apple anything at no time shall I eat.

This is a very sad moment.  I loves apples and all that this implies.



2 thoughts on “Pizza, applesauce and peanut butter…

  1. As somebody once said “Moderation in all things” and as apples are good for you (and assuming no other problems), then one every day or two would be a good thing. A glass of wine (e.g.) now and then may well be good… but a whole bottle now and then… not so good! “Moderation in all things”! 🙂

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