The life in those brown eyes, coming from you, who came from my body,

as I passed life from my being to yours and then you were there,

being held in my arms, with your own little life force to share with me.

And it was for me to hold you, protect you and love you,

to watch you as you grew.  So proud of every accomplishment you made,

crawling, to walking, to running and swimming and riding a bike and then.

Then came the school bus that took you away on that very first day.

My heart that you broke for the very first time.

There would be other times, when you refused to hug me when

your friends could see.  It separated us, you and me.

And then you grew more into a man,

I am sure there will come a day,

when you pass your life force on to someone new.

Someone who looks just a bit like you.


In response to the December writing challenge.  Life.



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