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Well, the cats pretty much lost interest in the tree, so we decided to put up a few strings of lights on it.  It did kind of look a bit dreary without them after all.  Now it looks a real Christmas tree.

As for me, I feel a bit dreary myself.  I didn’t get a call yesterday from that job, so I am assuming I did not get it.  Yesterday afternoon, after a time which I thought I should have gotten a call, I went on craigslist, looking for other jobs.  I did find one I wanted to apply for and so I applied online.  I don’t really expect to get a call from this one.  It is kind of out of my reach I think, but a lot of things are out of my reach.

I have no education past a GED.  I haven’t worked in over 20 years.  I am 47 years old.  Now I don’t know much about the work force.  Is my age a problem?  I don’t know.  My lack of education is on my last nerve, on top of the fact that I spent my life serving my family, I never thought of myself at this age looking for a job after all this time and it being hard.  I should have considered this back then.

Now I understand I had one job interview.  I actually only filled out one application to get that interview and here I am feeling all defeated.  Can’t help it.  I realize I am to be done sulking by now, but clearly I am not.  I won’t let my residual sulking stop me for further job searching, but I am now considering different ways to go about it.  I know that if I do have a hard time finding a job, which I can’t really say I have even put any effort into it thus far, but if I do, I can get help with this.  I could go for job placement through disability.  The truth is, I don’t want to.  I want to do this on my own.

And then I wonder if my pride is going to stand in my way.  The idea of getting training for a job I otherwise wouldn’t have is starting to look awfully good.



11 thoughts on “No title

  1. Remember that there is always tomorrow when things could be very different. If today sucks….. then plan on doing something different tomorrow. Keep posting resumes and if you don’t hear from anybody today… then perhaps tomorrow will be your day.

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      • I had a very brief “career” in insurance sales. It was cold selling and so the rejection rate was very high however, one more rejection put me one presentation closer to a sale. The sale was inevitable as the “law of averages” dictates that someone eventually will buy one day, I just did not know when. What I did know was that it could be the next sale and, if it wasn’t, then I would be one step closer!

        You can apply exactly the same philosophy to your job hunting. There is a job out there for you somewhere and so if you get another no response (or rejection), it will be one step closer to the job that is waiting for you! Be patient; keep spreading the word that you are available, and keep smiling! 🙂

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  2. Not sure where you live or your interests, but working as a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities for years now. I know they are always hiring, if only because people get a job with them and keep hunting for something more in line with their interests. Usually background check and a driver’s license are all that’s needed, all other training provided.

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