The interview…

I am so disappointed.  Why can’t they just hire you on the spot?  But no, it is corporate, whatever that means, and so there has to be a second interview.  That is if he is interested in hiring me after all, which I don’t know, because he didn’t say.

What he did say was that he is doing interviews today and will be calling people back for the second interview on Wednesday.  (apparently he has tomorrow off)  So now it will be two days of being on pin and needles until he does or does not call.

Also, he isn’t sure if he can get me into the bake shop, but if not, some other part of the store.  That is fine with me, although I did tell him what I am not willing to do.  Ridiculous as this sounds, this is exactly what I said.  “I don’t want to be on the front end, or the deli.  I don’t want to cut my finger off.”

Why can’t I ever shut up?

Ah well.  I guess it went pretty well.  All I can do now is wait.



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