The call…

I can’t believe it!  Even after I messed up my application, they called just now!  I have an interview on Monday at 10am!  I’m so excited!  I feel like dancing around!  Maybe I will!

I realize this doesn’t mean I have the job, but let’s just say this.  I can’t really make it much worse in an interview than I did on that application.  John jokingly said, at least I hope it was a joke, that maybe they just called me in to see where I have been for the last twenty years!  Not funny!

I should really try some way to explain what this means to me.  Not having had a paying job in twenty years this is such a huge thing.  There are so many reasons why this is good.  Feeling good about myself, being around people, the money doesn’t hurt!  You see, up until this past few days I wasn’t sure how the situation works out with disability.  I thought I had only nine months to be sure if I could do this and that worried me.  What if I went ahead and a year later found I couldn’t do it?  Well, it turns out that if at any time in the next five years I become disabled again, I won’t have a problem with disability.  That gives me safety and takes all the fear away.  Or at least it feels that way.  I am not nervous or scared anymore at all.  I know I can do this, but I wonder if on Monday morning I will be nervous?

Interviews can be nerve wracking.  Kind of like you are being judged and I guess you are, in a way.  I don’t know what people are looking for at an interview and I am not sure it matters, because all I know how to do is be myself.  Not very good at pretending anything.  So they either like me or they don’t.  I do hope so.

I see this as a great opportunity.  I have actually worked for this company before, although it was thirty years ago.  It is a good company to work for, with a job that I really enjoyed.  So hoping for the best, trying really hard to convince myself I don’t have it yet!


4 thoughts on “The call…

  1. It is perfectly normal to be nervous at an interview!
    Remember that an interview is a “2-way street”. They are assessing you for a position, but you should also be assessing them. You obviously know the company so feel free to ask them questions, especially as it has been so long since you last worked for them. Most companies really appreciate job applicants who show an interest in their possible future employer! 🙂

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