Mistakes on an application…

After going over my application with John, something I wish I had done before I entered it, I have been informed of some mistakes I have made.  The biggest one being that I did not explain my years of absence from the work force.  John said that I should have put Home Maker as my last job, at least in a way of explanation.  Oh well, live and learn.  I suppose it doesn’t mean that I won’t get the job.  John, half jokingly said, maybe they will be curious enough to know where I have been to call me in.

Anyway, it was only my first application, so as I said, live and learn.  There will be others I am sure.  I would still love to get this job though.  The idea of even having a job at this point makes me feel happy.

A couple of other things I might want to put on there is the book keeping and pay roll I did for years at our own family business.  I thought if I didn’t get a pay check, it didn’t count.  Why shouldn’t it count?


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