First application…

Twenty years ago, you walked into an establishment, asked for an application and filled it out there.  Now, it seems you have to apply for everything online.  I admit this made me nervous, but it was pretty easy.

Yes, today I filled out my first job application online.  I am really hopeful that I get the job.  It is at a bakery in a store.  I have worked at a place like this before and I loved it.  I am actually really excited, even if I don’t get this particular job.  At least I have begun to look and I feel good about that.

When I was younger and living with my uncle, he taught me that when you are looking for a job, you start at 9am and don’t come back until 5pm, until such time as you find said job.  Well, that may well be true, but this is the job I really want, so until I know I won’t be getting it, I will probably not be applying for anything else.  I will continue to look, but unless I think I will find something I will enjoy as much as this job, I will wait to find out.


4 thoughts on “First application…

  1. I wish you the best of luck in your quest but I would suggest you consider the following (based on my experiences). Prospective employers will generally only contact those applicants who are of interest to them so don’t wait too long before “moving on”. Also, although it is merely a “play on words”, we all know that many people are looking for jobs, but considerably less are looking for work! I have known employers who look for that difference in an application. Finally, always feel free to follow up if possible with an application as it shows interest. You could ask whether they have made a decision yet and, if not, ask when they expect to make it… and would they mind if you followed up at that time. In an aggressive “job market”, you need to set yourself up as a little better than the average applicant! Again… all the very best!

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