Who’s blanket?

So, John and I were sitting in the bedroom with the cats.  Scout had just come in and curled up on a blanket on the bed.  John said to him, “Scout, you’re claiming your blanket?”  I said, “Who’s blanket?”  with an incredulous look on my face.  John asked, “Oh, that’s your blanket?” to which I replied, “They are all my blankets.”

The problem here is that Scout really believes now that the blanket is his.  The bigger problem is that John encourages the cats to take over the house.  He has a list of “cat etiquette” that he seems to believe I should follow as well.  This consists of things like not moving if you have a cat in your lap, until said cat decides to move.  Even if said cat is lying on your arm, getting heavier by the minute and it has become painful.  Yes, even then.

Not me.  I am happy to say that I am not living by cat rules.  That is not to say that I don’t spoil them, but I refuse to be trapped by a cat in my lap.

The cats are doing well.  If you remember, when we first got them they were terrified little balls of fur.  Now you would never think they were afraid of anything!  They are happy and healthy and very active.  We have Daisy, climbing curtains, they are all climbing walls and doors.  They race around the house chasing each other.   We got them a lazer light, which tires them out pretty good!  Scout likes knocking things off of shelves.  Daisy likes attacking our feet at night.  Smokey doesn’t cause much trouble, she is mostly about love and food.  Especially food!  She is getting a little chunky.

You may have read my post about whether or not to have outdoor or indoor cats.  Well, they will be indoor cats, but we did get them a halter and a leash.  I tried the halter on Daisy and Smokey.  (It was to small for Scout.)   They seemed like they would get used to the halter and possibly the leash, but when I brought Smokey outside, all she wanted was to come back in.  The same with Daisy.  They really don’t show much desire to go out, so I have given up on that.

We also bought nail clippers.  I used them for the first time and I was very careful, so I didn’t cut them nearly as short as the vet did.  I guess this means I will have to do it more often.

I don’t want to leave out the things the cats do when they are done running around together.  Like taking naps in favorite spots.  Smokey and her ability to always be standing by when I have a cup of tea.   Her way of showing up to stand in front of the pages of my book.  Purring loud and here is where John’s cat etiquette comes in.  He would expect that I should stop reading and pet the cat.  No, I am sorry, move on.  Daisy on the other hand will lie in my lap, or under my arm and read my book with me.  She also does this while I am at my lap top sometimes.  She is also the one that comes under the blanket as I make a tent for her.  She loves to be under the blankets.

I still have issues with Scout and I don’t think it is going to change.  It is just the way our relationship is.  He coaxes me into petting him, because he is cute, and then he smacks me.  Pretty much at this point, we just aggravate each other, but it is a loving aggravation if you know what I mean.  Just to keep things even, I give Scout a hug, once a day, whether he likes it or not.  He is getting used to it and doesn’t seem to mind.  He also seems to enjoy the fact that once it is over, he knows I won’t do it again.  He does like to just sit with me sometimes.  Not in my lap, just beside me.  It’s nice when he does that.




7 thoughts on “Who’s blanket?

  1. The joys of knowing that you have provided a good home for those “guys”! As you well know, most cats quickly catch on to the “rules of the house”, and even who will tolerate what! Ray still has not grasped the ramifications of his almost 80lbs… but we continue to work on him! 🙂

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    • I would like to do something with Smokey before she ends up really overweight. We don’t feed her anymore than the other cats, but she is not as active as they are. Daisy is a string bean and Scout is a healthy weight too. Oh and by the way, no I don’t know much about cats at all. I have had more dogs than cats, this is new for me to be so close to these guys.

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  2. There a lots of ideas on the internet about ways to encourage cats to get moving. My two are working their way towards obesity so its a battle I know.

    Cats are trainable- they can learn to come when you call, do tricks and other things. And they can learn to not do other things- like biting. Work those brains and they’ll be less of a nuisance.

    My family is a cat family, so those are familiar rules to me- as kids we’d always encourage a cat to sit on our lap at dinner because then you couldn’t get up to help with dishes!

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      • You also might let John know if you have any behaviors you are unwilling to tolerate. For me that is the biting while playing, it took a long time to break PigPig of it but it worked. She’s still a butt and hates me but doesn’t draw blood when playing.
        Toss in a cute behavior as a replacement/positive for everyone. Easy ones for my cats have been to sit on their butts with both front feet up.

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