So this is it.  This is Thanksgiving.  I woke up at 5:30am, went out to have a cigarette and then back into bed.  I got all snuggled up for about two minutes and then I opened my eyes, realizing it was here.  The day I have been waiting for is here.  The feeling is a bit like a kid on Christmas morning, but it is Thanksgiving and I am technically not a kid.  (Ha!)

So I get out of bed and get myself a soda.  A sprite and I realize I have chosen the wrong soda to buy at the store.  It tastes like dishwater.  Yuck.  Oh well.  I go back and take one of John’s sodas, although I don’t really want the caffeine.

It is at this point about 6am and I start thinking of all the people who are putting turkeys in the oven now.  John and I got a turkey breast because our oven is small and neither one of us cares for the dark meat.  So I know we won’t be putting ours in until 10am.

So my thoughts started from there, people putting turkeys in the oven and then my thoughts turned to people who don’t have a turkey, or an oven.  People that don’t have homes, or family, or friends.  People who have a home and an oven and a turkey, but don’t have anyone to share a meal with.  Of course I know there are those who chose to eat alone, but I was thinking of those that don’t.  Actually, I was thinking of both.  I was thinking and thinking, as usual.  All of thinking brings me gratitude which is the meaning of the holiday to start.

At 8am, John and I begin working in the kitchen.  As we do I begin to think of Thanksgivings gone by.  It seems I have had so many of them.  Beautiful meals with people I loved.

At 10am, the Turkey was in the oven, and I am thinking of the beauty of today’s meal.


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