Thanksgiving, part two, the turnip

So for years now, I have somehow been cheated out of my favorite vegetable on Thanksgiving.  I love turnip and so this year I made sure that there would be no screw ups.  Of course, the last couple of years it hasn’t been a screw up really, it is just that no one made turnip, or they made a small amount for the vegetarians.  I eat turkey, but I love vegetables, and so…

It all started years ago.  I was having thanksgiving dinner at my house.  My mother, my sister and her husband were invited.  Now, I must say that my brother in law is kind of a jerk, so the day starts off with the three of them showing up and my sister telling me that her husband wants to eat at twelve.  Dinner was scheduled for two, but my sister insisted because her husband had somewhere to go.  My mother was a wreck and so I went along with my sister to keep peace.  Needless to say, sometimes turnip takes a while and it was lumpy and crunchy.

Since that day, I have not had a decent serving of turnips.  Yesterday, I made them a day ahead to make sure nothing could foil me this year.  They came out perfect and even if something goes wrong now, I have already eaten them!  Ha!


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