More books…

I went to the library and got a few books, also putting some on hold from other libraries.  First I read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein.  I picked this up and couldn’t put it down until wee hours of the morning.  Finally went to sleep and finished the book as soon as I woke up.  It really was good.  I guess you could call it a story about a dog, or more a story by a dog.

I then began to read “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.  I did not like this book very much.  I guess I would have to have a lot of interest in Mountain climbing.  So I decided not to read that, or K2.

I then went on to read one that a friend of mine had suggested.  She knows I like mysteries and true crime, so her suggestion was “The Boston Strangler” by Gerald Frank.  True, I do like true crime, but I have to say that this book I found to be very disturbing.  This may be partly to the fact that I grew up in Boston, but more so the way the murders were described in detail and thirteen of them.  It was grotesque to me.  And yet, I read it.

I have just begun the “Agatha H.” series.  Seems like good books to read to lighten the mood after the “Strangler”.  I have two more on hold at the library and a few more to look for.

I have quite enough to keep me busy for now, but if you have any suggestions, I will take them!


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