I have always loved feeding the birds.  As a child, my parents brought me to Chandlers pond in Brighton ma. to feed the ducks.  As a young teenager, I fed the ducks and geese at the Charles river, the pigeons as well.  I love going to Rever beach and feeding the seagulls.  The last time I went they were hovering in the air two feet in front of me, while catching the food that I threw to them.  I could feel the wind from the wings beating in the air.
When I was about nineteen years old, I began to have lunch on the Boston Commons every weekday.  I would take the 57 bus into Kenmore and then the subway to the Commons.  When I would come up out of the station, there was immediately in front of me a hot dog stand and a pretzel stand.  I would get a hot dog for me and then a pretzel to feed the pigeons on the Common.  I did this every day for I don’t know how long, maybe a month.  The last time I went to feed the pigeons, I got my hot dog and a pretzel as usual.  I went and sat on the grass, as usual.  I started to feed the pigeons as usual.  However, what was unusual to me was the reaction of the pigeons.  On this particular day, the pigeons clearly decided I was a friend and all at once, the pigeons flew up and landed on me!  I jumped up about four feet in the air, arms flailing, legs kicking, me screaming obscenities at the birds!  Pigeons flying everywhere, hotdog and pretzel peices flying with them!  I can only imagine the impression I made on passersby.  I haven’t had lunch on the Commons with the pigeons since.
Of course, I am a lot older now and I wonder, If I went back to feed the pigeons and they did that again, would I just sit there like that crazy pigeon lady in the old movies?

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