Fortune cookie…

Well, we finally got a picture of all three cats, while they were interested in a fortune cookie!   And then Smokey on the attack!


Also, Smokey’s first picture by herself that we took.  She has her eyes closed, but that is just her happy face.  Close eyes and purr…


Funny thing is, if you look at this picture, there is a little blue box on the shelf on the right there, see it?  I’ve been looking for that box!  Now I know where it is!  Interesting how I find things…


Another funny thing, is if you look at this bowl you will see there are two sides with food.  Now you would think that if only the right side of the bowl was full of food that would be fine.  No big deal, right?  No such luck.  Scout, being the smart fellow that he is, will only eat out of the left side of the bowl.  So in fact, if there is food in only the right side, Scout sits and cries.   I have no idea why this cat does this, but it it’s funny to watch him complain.


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