Little Toot

When I was a small child, my sister Pat would bring books to me.  I still have one she gave me over forty years ago.  It’s called, “Little Toot, through the golden gate.”   Of course it is a little kid’s book.  On the inside there is a message written by my sister.
It reads, “Dear Tracey,
                   Take care of me!  I will give you pleasure when you read me!
                                                                                                                      Little Toot.
So yes, say what you will, but I still have the book.  The books she brought me opened up my imagination.  I believe it was what made me love to write.
During the years of raising children, I didn’t read much.  After I left my marriage, my mind was in such a state that I could not read a book.  My attention span was for shit.  I tried, but at first I would find myself reading the same paragraph over and over not knowing what it said.  It has been a few years since then and I don’t have a hard time reading anymore.  I am having a ball reading the books that are suggested here by you!
Now what I am having a hard time with is writing.  John says I have my confidence in a box on a shelf.  I am hoping that if I just keep reading and living, my mind will free up to write.  Everything takes a little bit of time.
As for books, I am due back at the library.   I need to return a book for another.  I meant to get “Watership Down”, but what I got instead was  “Tales from Watership Down.”   Somehow, I don’t think that is right.   There are a few more suggestions for me to find as well.
I have read “To Kill a Mockingbird” which I liked.  Also, “The Alchemist”, which I was not all that fond of, so I retain the right not to read “Brida”.  It was said if I liked on I would like the other.  I don’t like it.
What I did like a lot though was “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer.  I really loved this book and wouldn’t mind reading more like it, hint, hint.    I am now looking to read “Into Thin Air” by the same author.
Basically, I have enough book titles to keep me busy for a while, but there is a long winter coming!!  I am still taking suggestions, thanks.