She had things to take care of and still has more to do.  Has she done enough thus far?  That is always her question, but the first question needs to be, “By who’s standards?”  They must be her own.

How would she judge someone else in her position.  Not so harshly as herself I am sure.  She would probably say, “Did you really do all of that?”  but with herself it seems so minimal and she doesn’t understand why.  Always her own harshest critic.

She remembers back to when she could barely stand on her own two legs and all the work she put in to heal her own body and make herself strong again.  It was intense and then she remembers the people that ridiculed her for it.  Maybe because with the same diagnosis they wouldn’t even try to do what she was doing, she made them look bad.  Her memories are always mirrored, the good and the bad.

She knows it’s time to get back to work now.  Treatment is over and has been for quite some time.  The move is over and anything to do with it.

She thinks back to when she enjoyed all the exercising.  When each achievement was exciting and new.  If only she could get back there.



4 thoughts on “Exercise…

  1. …. but get back to exercising she should. She has to ask herself “Are there health benefits with exercising?” and “Will exercising help me to focus on my life?” With the answers being undoubtedly a resounding “Yes!”, she must then ask herself “Am I worth it?” or “Do I see myself as worthy of a healthy body and mind”.

    If I knew the person, I would suggest that “Yes……… you are a unique human being and, like every other human being, you are worth every bit of effort necessary to enable you to fulfill your goals and aspirations, and lead a productive and fulfilling life. You have experiences which are unique to you, and which may be really useful one day in helping others deal with similar experiences. Not only do you have every right to lead a healthy life, you have an obligation to do so in order for your experiences to be of help to others.”

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  2. When you think of the things you have done you must remember what you have done for me, just think back I could not do a 40 hr week I let the pain win. Then I watched you fight through it and gave me the strength to push myself I might have shown you what to do but the rest is all you be proud of that fact.

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