I mentioned in my last post that I was depressed and had started taking anti-depressants. A couple of days after I started them I started having tooth pain.  Interesting thing is that the next goal on my list was to go to the dentist.  Didn’t waste any time there as I ended up with an infection and the right side of my face swelled up!  It felt like I had a basket ball strapped to the side of my face, it was terribly painful.

So the dentist gave me anti-biotics and a list of horrible things that would happen if I didn’t take them.  Then she gave me an appointment to come back in a week.  That would be this past Monday and they extracted two teeth.  I thought the pain would immediately go away, but clearly I was wrong.

Anyway, when I started the anti-biotics, I stopped the anti-depressants because I knew with the amount of pain I was in, I was in no place to monitor myself.  Once the anti-biotics were done, I restarted the anti-depressants.  (wait till I tell my doctor that)

So I am five days into taking them and doing pretty well.  No signs of mania.  My doctor did tell me to keep taking them and call him if I needed to stop.  I have never been asked to call like that before.  Maybe I will learn something.

I have noticed in the past couple of days I have started talking a little more.  As of late I have just been sitting and listening to John talk about this or that.  His job, the fishing poles he wants to get to go to the Canal.  That is one thing I do want to do is go to the Cape Cod Canal with John while he fishes for Striper.

I can’t go on without mentioning my fishing license this year.  I wasn’t going to get one, due to not wanting to spend the money when I am not the most avid fisherman!  I had myself convinced that I didn’t care until a good friend got me a gift certificate to Bass Pro so that I would get my license!  That of course was for my birthday!  I was so excited when she gave that to me, I guess I underestimated how much I like fishing.


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