Depression and Anti-depressants

I had a educational appointment with my psychiatrist today.  I told him that I had been depressed and he asked how long since it had started.  I said, “Oh, just around the time my sister beat me up and threw me out of the house.”  (That would be two months)  I also told him I had started the anti-depressant a couple of days before, however when I told him the dose I was taking he gave a short education on anti-depressants and the way they work differently from each other.  His basic point was that the anti-depressant that I take, (IC Escitalopram) has no inactive ingredients, therefore less side effects, which then means you need to take more.  I had been wondering why I wasn’t getting better.  He changed my dose and here I am, waiting for this to work, because for me it usually only takes a couple of hours to feel a noticeable difference.

As always, he wants me to stop the anti-depressant immediately and call him if I feel any signs of mania.  As I was walking out the door, he reiterated by saying “Don’t just stop. Stop and then call me.”  I am glad he did, otherwise I wouldn’t have called.



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