The Extra Crazy Cat People starter kit…

To start with, I am a dog person, always have been.  It isn’t that I don’t like cats, I do.  So we were considering getting a pet and John suggested a dog despite the fact that he is absolutely a cat person.  (I never knew how much of a cat person until recently.)

So I thought about it, and of course went directly to pet finder searching for a dog.  We thought maybe an older dog, but then we were torn over getting a puppy.  During the couple of weeks that I searched pet finder I put a lot of thought into the situation.  I wanted a pet, but a dog is a huge responsibility.  I couldn’t imagine leaving a dog to go fishing for twelve hours, nor could I imagine dragging the dog with me.  It began to seep into my mind that although I would love to have one, my life doesn’t really suit a dog right now.

John had informed me at some point that a co worker’s cat had had a litter of kittens.  Three kittens in fact, two boys and a girl, so I suggested to John that we get a kitten instead of a dog.  He had no problem with that what so ever and we decided to take the two boys.  I have a friend that also wanted a kitten and so when we took ours we took hers as well, figuring she could pick her up here.

Well, forget that idea.  I have been trying to get a hold of my friend to tell her the best thing she can do is get a kitten from somewhere else.

Don’t get me wrong, the kittens are adorable.  The problem seems to be that when the mother cat had them, she was in a cubby hole at the man’s house and he didn’t know they were there.  That way, they had no human contact for the first 6 weeks of their lives and it is an issue now.  We are guessing 6 weeks, which makes them 9 weeks now.

They spend a lot of time sleeping, eating and playing, but the two boys don’t want to be touched at all, they are frightened still and the baby girl is coming to us, but won’t come out of the bedroom.

As of now we are trying to let them come to us on their own, but it doesn’t seem to be working.  We have had them for two weeks, any advice would be welcome.  Their names are Scout, Smoky and Daisy.