A letter from the doctor…


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I received this letter in the mail from my doctor’s office.  I am now free of the Hep C virus!  To be sure, they will test me again in August.

I have to admit that when I read this letter I cried.  It is a great relief, more so than I would have thought before reading the letter.

I am overjoyed and relieved, but honestly other thoughts came to mind.  A friend of mine recently lost his only son and I have to wonder why?  Why did he lose his son and I get another chance?  Who gets to decide that?  This kid who was loved by so many people is gone and I don’t even have any family to call and say “Hey, I get to live!” because they just don’t care.  And so, as happy as I am for myself, I have to wonder how it all makes sense.  I don’t think it does.


8 thoughts on “A letter from the doctor…

  1. well a big congratulations on being healthy and getting to live 🙂 I don’t really know who gets to decide who lives and who doesn’t , it often isn’t fair but I firmly believe that those who pass , be they young or old are in a much better place than we are here on earth .

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