You won’t believe this one,,,

I wasn’t going to go on, but honestly I am a little annoyed at the recent situation with my sister.  I guess I am not ready to let it go yet.  Personally I don’t see any reason why I should be.  You know, other than the fact that I will be better off once I do.

The point is, while I was at my sister’s house, I told her about this post,

After I left her house, on the same day as she was calling John, leaving messages about her problems getting money back for the wedding dress she bought for me, she was also calling my psychiatrist telling him I said I was going to cut her head off with an ax.

Let me just point out that the post was written a year ago and had absolutely nothing to do with her.  It was purely humor.  I think her perception is off.

This caused me minor irritation, probably more irritating for my doctor who then had to waste his time calling me.  I told him what happened and he said I should report her to the police.  I didn’t because she is my sister.  Maybe I should have.  I don’t know.  I really don’t care anymore.  I can’t fix the woman.


3 thoughts on “You won’t believe this one,,,

  1. Some points to ponder:

    She has a lot of control over you…. evidenced by the fact that you are not letting go and moving on. At some point in time, you have to decide whether she is worth occupying so much time out of your life. You have to decide whether you really want these emotional “chains” to drag around with you.

    Re the Police? She clearly needs help (voluntarily or otherwise), and you are not doing her any favors by side stepping the issues. Perhaps she needs to be visited by the police. Perhaps she needs somebody outside of her family to confront her with the realities of what she is doing. If you do nothing, and she suddenly does something really bad to somebody else, how are you going to feel?

    Trae: You can go nowhere with your own life while you are so entangled with hers. Love her for who she is (your sister), but you don’t have to love what she does. Put some space between you both and move on with your own life. Finally, you current frame of mind must be stressful for John…. how far do you want to push it?????

    Take care.

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      • Trae: You have choices. You do not have to get upset… that is your choice. If you try not to talk about something which impacts both of you, then you are simply putting a flaw in the relationship.
        This may be a strange concept for you (I am guessing) … but you must take control of your life and move on. You guys seem to be going in the right direction so just appreciate what you have managed so far, and plan together to resolve any outstanding issues. If you can get his stuff from your sister… go get it. If you cannot, then forget it and plan to replace it as/when feasible. Your sister has serious issues … don’t make them your issues!

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