End of treatment and results…

Well, my treatment for Hepatitis C ended a few weeks ago.  I had the blood test done a week and a half ago.  My doctor said if he didn’t call then everything was good. He didn’t call, so I called him and still haven’t heard back from him, so my best guess is I am Hepatitis free.

Thank you for the support.


4 thoughts on “End of treatment and results…

  1. Trae – Please keep on at your doc until he actually says that you are Hep free. The logic that “no news is good news” is based on the premise the lab sent the results to your doc; your doc’s office actually received the results; they were not misfiled; nobody made any mistakes.

    I had a recent discussion about just this with my doc and he recommended that the patient ALWAYS calls just to make sure that nobody made a mistake/oversight.

    Assuming you are in fact Hep free ….. go and celebrate! 🙂

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