Moving on…

The apartment that John and I are now renting is a one bedroom, with a small efficiency kitchen and a very large living room.  It is beautiful because of the woodwork and we are really happy with it.

Up until yesterday, we didn’t have any furniture aside from our bed and a bureau.  We went to John’s brother Joe’s yesterday and he and his wife gave us an old couch, a kitchen table with chairs and a couple of computer chairs.  Also, my favorite, a vacuum cleaner!  Tonight we are going to pick up a living room chair from John’s sister Kris’ friend.  Basically, we have what we need now.  There are a couple of other things we will want, such as a desk for me and maybe some sort of hutch for the kitchen, but that will be later.

It has taken me some time here to start getting comfortable.  I am not used to having so much space of my own and with out furniture it was huge in here.  Today was much more comfortable, especially since it is the first time since leaving my sister’s house that my stomach is not hurting.  Stress does a number on you and I was already drained at that point from spending a month with her.

I would like to always remember the past few weeks with John.  Through the stress of not knowing what we were going to do, or where we were going to go, he was amazing.  Neither one of us ever really panicked, but he was just so great.  The first day after my sister kicked me out, for stress relief, John decided that we should go play air hockey, which we did.  The next day after that we went kayaking for the first time this year.  I also would like to remember that he got a grill while we were in the tent for a week and cooked steak and pork chops and it was good!  We became part of the morning coffee club at McDonalds, which I kind of miss now that we don’t have to go there for coffee and tea anymore.  The old guys were funny!

Anyway, I am so proud of John for the way he has handled all of this, without dwelling on things and working hard to make sure we were ok.