Every day…

I wake up in the morning and you are on my mind, like every day I think of you, not one day goes by without you.  You are on my mind.  I remember things you said or did and I laugh or I cry.  Either way my heart aches for you and I will never know you, how sad, how brutal really it is to my heart and the words go unspoken and the tears go unnoticed.  And I wonder how it is that you forgot to see me, hear me and how did I not know it would happen.


One thought on “Every day…

  1. Perhaps you are being too inflexible with “I will never know you”? Perhaps you should open up to the possibility that “One day I hope to get to know you.” There is a future which, based on my core belief, is rather unpredictable. We can make choices which may produce (or at least influence) desired results, or we can choose to avoid making choices… which will usually produce undesirable results. We can make make a grand assumption about the future, or we can be open minded about the potential it may offer. It’s your choice. Just thinking. 🙂

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