Overwhelmed… after the Heroes room

I complained about the Heroes room last post, but those complaints were about the house the room was in, not really the room itself.  It wasn’t that big of a room.  The walls were an ugly green with holes here and there that were there before either one of us moved in.  We covered them with duct tape and hung our own art up on the walls.

The Heroes room was a blessing in so many ways.  We made our own little world there and it was just John and myself.  For the most part I didn’t see anyone other than him on a daily basis, aside from the convenient store three miles away.  I spent a lot of time alone.  In the beginning I had a hard time with that.  It would have easier for me I think if it had been by choice and not in the middle of such a hart time in my life.  As time went on though, I began to enjoy my time alone, the quiet and then it became a necessity.

We left the Heroes room two and a half weeks ago.  As I have previously mentioned, we are staying the next two months with my sister and her husband, their son and three dogs and two cats.  Also her son’s dog, Dominic.  So there is Dominic, Danny, Terry and Maggie for dogs and Mazie and Kitska for the cats.  That is a lot for me.  Not to mention that Mazie and Kitska love to come in my room, which makes me nervous with Halo (our pet rat).  Kitska I don’t mind because she likes to sit in the chair and watch Halo, but she doesn’t try to get within reaching distance.  Mazie makes me nervous because she is afraid of Halo!  All she knows is there is something moving up on that shelf!  Poor Mazie…

I am overwhelmed having so many people and animals all the time.  I am also overwhelmed by the choices that I have.  Cooking dinner, or baking something.  I think at this point, no body wants anymore baked goods.  I need to come up with something new to make.  I haven’t had a kitchen to cook in for so long and my mind is racing with everything I could do!

These are all good things, but where it is all so overwhelming I find myself pulling away.  It feels like I’m down shifting while driving up hill…


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed… after the Heroes room

  1. I can see nothing wrong in escaping certain situations, as long as you recognize it for what is … an escape, and return later. Think of it as taking a 2 week vacation from work. It is a welcome break but you know you have to go back. The next time you feel rather overwhelmed, go for a walk and “escape”. Let your mind process the events, and then return and pickup where you left off. Based on my experiences … I would suggest that feeling overwhelmed is a very common experience that most people have to deal with occasionally. You are normal! 🙂

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