Five days left… snivel…

So there are five days left and I do not want to take these pills anymore.  John and I thought maybe I should stop, but me being who I am told my sister because I knew she would yell at me.

At this moment I am sitting on the bed, staring at the clock.  5:15 am and I am weighing it in my mind, do I take the last five days, or do I feel better now.  Obviously my sister yelling at me didn’t convince me.  So now I am telling you.

Yes, I know how incredibly stupid I sound, but somewhere along the line I have become a big baby?


One thought on “Five days left… snivel…

  1. As soon as you feel that you are qualified to over-ride a medical practitioner’s recommendations, then go for it! Of course they can make mistakes, as can you, but given the educational background of you both, you are more likely to make the mistake in this context than the doctor!

    If you feel that this can be logically debated …. proceed!

    Putting all that another way ……….. why take the chance at this point your program? 🙂

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