The Dress…

My sister J. offered to buy my wedding dress for me.  I told her it would be better if she just gave me $100. towards the dress instead.  She agreed.

One day my sister and I had plans to go out for the day.  Nothing specific we were planning to do, just spend time together.  She came to pick me up and asked me if I wanted to go to David’s Bridal because they were having a sale for $99. for dresses.  I thought it was a good idea so we went.  I thought maybe even if she gave me the $100. I might be able to get something more if I added money to it.

I believe my sister knew going in that she wasn’t planning to stay in the clearance aisle.  I tried on a few of those dresses, but there was nothing I really liked.  Soon, my sister announced that we were moving up in price.

Writing about this brings tears to my eyes.  She bought for me the most beautiful dress, not to mention the accessories to go with it!  Even the bag to store it in after I am married.  Not only did she buy the dress for me, this was a once in a life time experience and she shared it with me.

At the end, when you pick your dress, they give you a bell and tell you to ring it after you have made a wish!

I don’t believe that if you tell your wish it won’t come true.  So I will tell you.  I wished for John to be able to dance with his mother on our wedding day.  She is a great lady in her 80’s.  I want him to be able to dance with her.


9 thoughts on “The Dress…

  1. Congratulations on finding your dress!! So beautiful to share the experience with your sister and you two seem to have such a special bond:) May John be able to dance with his mother and may you two have a strong marriage full of love!

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