Let there be no misunderstanding…

I speak for myself only when I say this.  Looking at a person, or situation from a perspective of compassion is not always with the intent of restarting a relationship.  It is about understanding, letting go and moving on.  I find it amazing how people believe that if you move on from something it is time to do it again.  Not so much for me.

I restarted a relationship with someone in my life and it seems that this person is intent on my restarting a relationship with someone else entirely and it isn’t going to happen.  I am not sure how many times you can say this to a person before they take it seriously.  I also wonder why people will assume they know the reasons why when in fact they obviously don’t.

Regardless of why people hold on to their ideas, at the moment I am finding it to be true that when a person is not accepting of what I am saying and trying to push me towards what they think is right for me, the only thing it actually accomplishes is my pulling away.

I like my life to be simple and peaceful.  Anything that unnecessarily disturbs that, I back away from it entirely.  It is something I do not need.  Chaos.


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