Signs of Mania…

I had plans with my sister today, but I unfortunately had to cancel due to having so many things I need to get done.  After I got off the phone with her I thought to myself, “Why is she talking so slow.”  That is when I realized what was happening.

You see I had wonderful couple of days and some really good news that my divorce is final.  I can’t express how good that makes me feel to know that it is over.  I will say my first reaction startled me.   My defiant nature reared it’s ugly head and I was upset about the way that it happened so to speak, but after a few hours and the idea really settling in I started to feel that it didn’t matter, it’s over and done and I am free.

Finding that out, seeing my sister, my treatment for Hep C. going so well and some other good news I won’t blurt out right now, I was so very happy.

After I hung up the phone with my sister and found myself wondering why she was talking so slowly, I looked at it from a different perspective and realized it was me that was speaking fast.  Ten minutes later I am pacing around the room and can’t sit down.

I am glad I did not see my sister today.  We would surely end up having some misunderstanding because I am moving so fast in my mind and my literal sense is high at the moment.  So I did the things I needed to do and stayed home the rest of the day to take care of myself.  Changed my meds accordingly and spending the rest of the day relaxing and being a normal level of happy.


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