A good day for working…

In the past couple of days I haven’t done much.  The emotions of Thanksgiving and the overload of medication due to my liver had me being lazy.  I find now that my muscles are aggravated from lack of use and so am I.

It should be a good day today.  We are going to start off this morning working on the rock wall we are building here.  Then we will go off Zee’s house.  Zee is a man that John does landscaping for.  I go along with him and help out when I am not being a pain in his rear.  (I have had a lot less temper tantrums lately.)

Anyway, at Zee’s house, the project I am working on is a tomato garden.  Zee wants his tomato stakes to go deeper, but the dirt underneath is littered with rocks, big and small.  The garden is about 12 feet long, three feet wide.  What I am doing is digging down about two feet, screening the rocks out into a wheel barrel that John will then empty for me because that is much to heavy for me.  Once the rocks are out, the soft loam goes back in to feed Zee’s tomatoes next year.  The nutrients mixed together from the layers of dirt will be perfect for the tomatoes.

It’s a lot of hard work, but I enjoy it and so does my body.  I hope Zee realizes I will stopping by to pick up some tomatoes next year.


5 thoughts on “A good day for working…

  1. Fresh tomatoes … straight off the vine! That is worth helping a friend out for! As for muscles being aggravated by lack of use? I am no doctor but, based on my experience, that is part of the aging process and I combat it as best I can. I have no intention of being one of those frail seniors I so often see. 🙂

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      • Nope! You’re as old as you feel! Your biological clock should tell you that you are no longer 20, and one must accept that kind of data periodically. You can combat it a little however – growing up is seen to be a sign of maturity (getting old), so I simply decided not to grow up. The age old question of “what do you want to be when you grow?” (my favorite), invites the response “I’m not going to grow up!”. Finally, none of us have get older than thirty. Your birthdays simply go thirty-nine; thirty-ten; thirty-eleven etc. I am currently still in my 30’s ……. thirty-thirty-nine! Have a wonderful smiley day! 🙂

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