Day 12 of treatment…

Treatment for Hep C is going well, although I am not sure as of yet if I will ever drink half my body weight in water in one day.  That is what they say to do in the paperwork, so that leaves me at a gallon a day.  Yuck!  I will still try to make it to the gallon, because I am dry and itchy.

As for my medications for Bi-polar disorder, I will have to take a break from them for a couple of days.  My liver is not breaking them down properly and they are building up in my system.  I am on two different meds for Bi-polar only, mild doses because of my liver.  One is making me agitated and the other is making me very drowsy.  So a break is in order.

So I am thinking of getting some straws.  Maybe some of those fun crazy straws that will make drinking water seem fun.  Also going to get some lemon juice and see if that helps.  If anyone has any ideas on how to make water yummy, please let me know.  It would be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 of treatment…

  1. Routines are a wonderful thing for the mind and body, the challenge being to establish one in the first place. Something you could try is to have a glass available in your bathroom and every time you have to go in there, you drink a full glass of water. Whether that comes close to your recommended intake, only you will know but it’s a start ….. and drinking water after every bathroom visit will certainly increase your bathroom visits = even more water consumed. Establish a routine and will become less of a challenge. 🙂

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