I love blankets…

My mother taught me to crochet when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  I have been crocheting blankets for years.  I love blankets.  In the past couple of years, John has told me repeatedly that he wanted me to crochet a blanket for myself before I crochet for anyone else.  So finally, I did it and as I did I took pictures of progress with that.


100_0870100_0888 (2)

I love my new blanket, it is so warm and cozy!  Now I am working on one for John…


12 thoughts on “I love blankets…

  1. OH no! Makes me wanna grab my hook and go! I started a blanket for myself, because I had basically made one for everyone else that I considered special and around that time I was learning to do some special projects for me – jewelry, painting old furniture, etc…but I never did finish that blanket…it does feel quite comforting to work with your hands and allow your mind to clear. Perhaps that is why many of us prefer to use a keyboard-it allows us to use both hands and not just one when we are forming our thoughts and sentences….just something to think about! – LaVancia

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