Mental Health Friday #14

My bi-weekly post for Mental Health Fridays on Randoms by a Random. Please visit this blog for poetry, flash fiction and mental health.

Randoms by a Random


Today’s MHF is a continuation of Trae’s journey with Bipolar disorder. Up until now, we’ve seen her deal with her mother passing away, the negative effects of anti-psychotics and her relapse with addiction. We ended last time with Trae getting back her life, following her entry into an Alcoholics Anonymous group.

I left off in my story at a time when we had just moved into an apartment in a new town. I had started to go to A.A. meetings and met my new sponsor. At the same time, as soon as we moved into that apartment I started to talk to my ex-husband about my leaving. We had gone for coffee every week or so to talk outside of the house and we argued a lot over this. I told him my reasons for leaving many times over and I also told him I didn’t believe things would change…

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5 thoughts on “Mental Health Friday #14

  1. I truly admire your courage for not only standing up for yourself in the past, but sharing it with others:) I am also happy to hear that you had a support group that opened up your eyes to your true worth. Hope you still have a wonderful group of people that remind you every day of how valuable you really are:) We need to love ourselves first, but we are our own worst critics so it is wonderful to have a little reminder.

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