A needle and thread…

The pressure keeps building, making me want to run.

Run to you, where ever you may be,

just to see your face,

even though I know we would be at odds,

at least I would get to see you.

Your face, with the freckle on your cheek,

I would get to see your eyes and look into them,

Looking for what I don’t know,

Maybe the boy I used to know,

the boy that you are no longer,

because now you are a man,

no longer my son,

just a man that I don’t know and I want to see,

but I won’t run, not this time.

Because hearts have been broken and anger is abrubt,

things that have been said can not be unspoken,

things that should have been said drowned out by the noise

of the crackling lines in my heart,

echoing loudly in my ears so I can’t hear you anymore,

and now we are lost, but if only, I could just see you this once,

hear you voice and your laugh and I don’t know why,

because what would it do to my heart then,

when we walk away angry still not knowing why,

and I realize you aren’t familiar at all.

You are just a stone hearted stranger who doesn’t know me.

I don’t know who you are.

There’s a broken piece in my heart that could have been fixed by that little boy,

but he doesn’t exist anymore.

And my heart bleeds from that broken piece

as I try to stitch it every day, like rag doll that i have become.

Pieces of me that were parts of you.

Parts of you that don’t fit anymore,

So I go through life with a needle and thread,

stitching and sewing, hoping and dreaming,

and wishing and loving.



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