Why you went away…

You see her smile in amusment at the smallest of things.

You hear her laugh so hard, with her eyes bright.

She tells you she’s happy and you know that it’s true.

She says she feels strong, that she knows who she is.

She doesn’t hold back now, she won’t change it for you.

But do you know… that she sits alone , day after day,

wondering why you went away.

You told her so many times, this was what you wanted to see.

You said “Stand up for yourself, don’t take the blame for that today.”

You said “Your’e worth more than you show, you must learn to say no.”

So she listened to you, she heard the words that you said. She believed that you

meant them and then she moved ahead.

But those words that you said, they were not what you showed,

as she stood up for herself, you turned away.

Did you think she would be sorry for choosing to live?

Did you think she would apologize for finally being herself?

Her heart is broken, yes, this is true.

She fights to bury those thoughts everday,

that she’ll never know why you went away.