You  may or may not know that I have been writing a bi-weekly post for Randoms by a Random the past couple of months.  What I have not said is that writing these posts is difficult for me and although I did not realize it would, it seems to be getting harder.  This is mostly because I am thinking forward to posts I will be writing.

My story starts so many years ago and a lot of those experiences seem so far away the emotions that they bring up are not quite so raw as more recent experiences that I will be writing about soon.

These emotions can be extremely raw and have a huge effect on my behavior.  At times I have feelings of intense anger which of course gives me an attitude problem.  I am writing these posts as a way of healing and of raising awareness.  I will not stop, but I have decided that I will have to vent these feelings in writing, here on my blog.

I really believe that I need to show someone other than John that I am angry.


8 thoughts on “Anger…

  1. I would suggest that by acknowledging your anger, and the triggers that cause it, puts you way ahead of so many people. You cannot resolve an issue which you do not acknowledge. My father had a violent temper all his life and, as far as I know, never once admitted to an anger management issue. He therefore saw no need to change.


  2. Very familiar with the concept of triggers, but in the context of training Ray. There are many similarities however. Our initial one (with Ray) was simply to recognize them; acknowledge them; avoid them. Later we progressed to changing his behavior, but multiple triggers (trigger stacking) can still be an issue but then, it is for most humans that I know. 🙂

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