Blogging for a year…

I like to look at things from different perspectives.  I find there is always many more than one.  When I started my blog a year ago today, I believed there were always three sides to every story.  First person’s side, second person’s side, then the truth.  I was wrong  however the name Triple Clicka did come from that idea.  Right after being made fun of by John about the way I click a mouse, always three times.

My tag line, “perspective at the moment” is for me a part of being open minded.  Open minded to further information which may or may not change my current thoughts, but the freedom to choose is there.  Closing my mind to new growth in any part of my life is the same as refusing life’s education as far as I can see.  And so I knew then and know now that my perspective will always be changing and for that I am grateful.

I still believe there are always at least three sides to a story, only now I know there are usually many more than three.  Change your angle of view, get a new piece of information, perspective changes, growth happens.

I don’t believe that my blog has grown as much as I have over that past year.  Somehow,  I hope that doesn’t change.

Happy Anniversary Triple Clicka


23 thoughts on “Blogging for a year…

  1. That is a very perceptive Post. Well done. Now if only so many other people would stop thinking that their view is the only view that matters. If only they would be receptive to expanding their perspectives such that their views could well change.

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  2. Happy anniversary. So happy to have met you in our little blogging home of WordPress 🙂 Your support over the past year has been wonderful and am very grateful of that.

    Wishing you all the best for another year x

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  3. Something that has helped changed my perspective; if I gloss over something someone’s written, I’ve learned to go back and force myself to read it; it’s almost always rewarded me. We tend not to pay attention to things we don’t want to see or hear, but that’s how we grow. I think? Congrats on your blog. I think it’s great.

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  4. Happy Blog Anniversary 🙂

    I’ve recently been reading a case study about a man who was given sight when he was nearly fifty, after being blind from birth. Because his brain had never before developed the ability to process what he was seeing, he found it hard to understand that an object viewed from one side, was the same as an object viewed from a different side.

    That made me think a lot about all the different ways we can look at something – from different angles, in different lights.

    So I smiled today to read your post about looking at stories from different perspectives :).

    Mir xx

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