My Friend…

Sometimes I think about you,

The softness of your fur as I put my face next to yours.

Put my hands on your shoulders to pull myself up,

and you steady yourself to hold my weight,

while my shoulders carry the weight of the world,

and you lifted me up,

gave me something to live for,

you guarded me, kept me safe,

and you loved me, unconditionally.

Always, your paw prints are inside of my heart.

And it’s hard to remember the day that you left.

The day that the life light dimmed and then died.

You were suddenly gone, my friend, I’ve been numb.

I try to let myself feel, but it hurts to remember.



4 thoughts on “My Friend…

  1. When I leave this world, I hope that I will be remembered with affection, with respect, and with many happy memories. I cannot imagine any better legacy. Your furry friend in your Post (presumed Lupa) is probably very happy to still be in your heart, and to be remembered with such affection but you need to also remember all the fun times that you had together. She is entitled to that and, remembering the fun things you did together will not only be a wonderful way to spend some time, but will also help you put Lupa to rest with affection, respect and with many happy memories. She really does deserve nothing less. 🙂

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