Two women passing…

It was a compliment that came out of the blue.

“You’re a hard working lady, you know that?”

The other woman smiled, “Thank you.” she said, before seeming to catch herself.

“It’s not like I have a choice.”

The first woman answered, “Well, I couldn’t do what you do.”

That wasn’t what she was thinking as she walked out the door.  What she was really thinking was,

“Yes, you did have a choice.  When your husband left, you could have lowered your standards.  You could have let go of your house and worked the system, but you didn’t.  You kept your standards for you and your kids and you worked for it.  That is admirable.”

But sometimes, people don’t say what they really feel.  Sometimes maybe they should.


5 thoughts on “Two women passing…

  1. Tact and diplomacy can be very complicated. Do I say what I really think even I though it may cause grief? Should I say what I really think knowing that my thoughts are based on minimal experience? Is a lie ever justified? Is honesty always the best policy? These are all questions which may appear to have obvious answers but, given certain scenarios, perhaps the answers would be different. Tact and diplomacy can be very complicated.

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      • In your Post, it really should not have been hard, but some people don’t always think logically. Some people don’t always think beyond there own experiences so may not intuitively think of the options that you presented. Some people, who were raised in a negative environment, are very uncomfortable giving compliments because it is “alien” to them. Some people, because of their own insecurities, will not compliment for fear of it being misunderstood, or that it would not be well received for whatever reason. Some people are simply good examples for us to practice at being non-judgmental, patient and understanding with them. 🙂

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