Shopping with my mother…

Just to set the stage, there are quite a few people in my family that will pee their pants if you make them laugh hard enough.  My mother and I included.

After my mother had moved in with me, (2005) she decided she wanted to buy some new furniture.  So my mother, my sister and I went furniture shopping.  We went from store to store not finding anything until we got to one particular store where my mother and I sat on a couch at the very same time and when we looked at each other I knew this was the furniture.  My mother’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!

Needless to say, my sister wanted us all to go look at one more store before deciding.  So we ended up at this ritzy furniture store and when we walked in the door my mother and I looked at each other and we knew this place wasn’t going to have what she wanted.  We proceeded anyway which quickly turned into an episode from the twilight zone!

It wasn’t long before my mother wanted to leave and I did too.  The problem seemed to be that we couldn’t find the door.  There were exits signs everywhere, but not one door to get outside!

Of course my mother and I started to laugh and you know what happens when we laugh!  So we start looking around for a bathroom, but we couldn’t find that either.  Suddenly, I knew if I didn’t sit down I was going to pee my pants.  My mother is hysterical with laughter as I am sitting down at this obviously expensive dinning room set when I say to her,

“I think I am going to have to buy this furniture!”

Her eyes got really big as she looked and me and in a whisper she asked,

“Why?  is this a bi-polar moment?”

I answered “No Ma, I am going to pee all over it!”

More laughter and then a salesman walks by and asks us if we are looking for the ladies room by chance.  I guess it was obvious!  So we found the bathroom in time for me, not so much for my mother.

We finally found my sister who found the door and went back to the other furniture store.  We walked in to get the furniture my mother already knew she wanted and I said…

“Ma, whatever you do, don’t sit down!”


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