A cramp in my toe…

I am not one to do girly things to often, so no one could have been more surprised than I was to find myself painting my toenails.  Pink no less.  Now I have probably done this, maybe three times in my life.  Once with black nail polish at which time my mother said I looked like someone stomped on my toes and once to go to a wedding, in which case I was more aware of my feet all day than I really wanted to be.

I have never really been fond of the color pink, but there I was with the pink nail polish as though I have any clue how to do this correctly.  Basically what I am trying not to do is end up with pink toes.  Needless to say, I go to apply polish to the first toe and I get a cramp in the toe.  Let me say that I did not let this stop me.  I probably should have, but I didn’t.  I now know how awkward it is to put nail polish on a cramped toe.  Extremely awkward and I didn’t like it.  I won’t be doing that again.

So here I sit with pink toe nails asking myself why?


10 thoughts on “A cramp in my toe…

  1. Well I have to ask. What was the answer to your question “Why?”
    Some suggestions:
    – because you think that they look nicer in pink?
    – because so many women do it that it makes you feel normal?
    – because simply “you can”, which is a contrast to other aspects of your life?
    What is the real answer? I am very curious because, for reasons that are probably obvious, I cannot relate to painting either toe or finger nails! 🙂

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  2. I know what it is like to get cramps in my feet and it does involve the toes…..awful. I can’t imagine trying to paint them while in that condition. I don’t normally wear nail polish either, but going somewhere special and wearing sandals it does look nice. I prefer the French style with the white tips.

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